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6K Challenge Update

I’ve not been posting the last few days because I’ve been a bit poorly and so has the computer.  Didn’t know computers could have sympathetic illnesses.  Anyway, we both seem to be working ok now.

There was only one day that I haven’t managed the 6,000 steps and that was when my nose was streaming and my sinuses were all blocked.  I decided a duvet day was the best option.  Sometimes it’s really wise to listen to your body.  I felt much better the following day, and was nearly back to form.

Yesterday I went to meet my daughter for lunch.  Normally I use my work car park and walk – it’s about three quarters of a mile, I suppose.  Yesterday it was much too cold to walk so I decided to run.  I wondered why people were giving me a wide berth until I realised that with black jogging bottoms and a black hoodie I looked like an elderly ninja.  Maybe people thought I was going to mug them.  I suppose it’s not often you see someone ‘of a certain age’ dressed all in black with a hoodie, rushing towards you.  Quite enjoyed the effect.


6K Challenge 8th January

Yesterday was a running day so managed steps quite easily.  nearly 15,000, which was quite pleasing.  I know I keep saying this, but it is amazing how they mount up.  I had to go into town and so parked quite a way from the Metro station and then had a bit of a walk at the other end.  I noticed, coming home, that my walking is becoming easier and I can motor along without really noticing it.  As I said before, I wasn’t a great walker, but now I’m finding it quite a pleasure.  If I can’t ark near my destination I quite enjoy the thought of a walk.  Just wish the rain would stop.


6K Challenge 7th January

Nearly 12,000 steps yesterday.  Back to ‘normal’ after the Christmas period.  Thank goodness.  No run yesterday, but teaching the classes really gets the steps up.  The class are really enthusiastic about the pedometers and spend quite a lot of time comparing.  The pedos really seem to be motivating them.  Hope more people start using them.


6K Challenge 5th/6th January

Good couple of days.  Saturday was a running day so managed about 7,000.  Didn’t do a lot of walking though.

Sunday 6th went to a friend’s in Hadfield and had a lovely walk before lunch, which put me past the 6,000.  On the way back on the tram I found a practical use for my new walking skills.  The tram wasn’t running from Piccaddilly (this will only really make sense if you know Manchester), but they were running from Market Street, about .75 miles away, I suppose.  There were replacement buses but I decided to walk. Loads of queues for the buses so I felt quite smug as I walked past and made much better time on foot.  Caught tram which was nearly empty because buses hadn’t caught up.  Over 14,000 steps.


6K Challenge, 4th January

Went for a run today so easily did the 6,000 steps.  However, I forgot to look at final total.  Knowing me, that means it’s becoming a habit to wear it.  I check it through the day to make sure that I’m achieving the 6,000 but I forget to look at the total at the end of the day once I’ve achieved 6,000.  Not sure if this is a good or a bad thing.  Good, I think.  Means it’s becoming ingrained.  Didn’t need to walk up and down whilst watching telly today.  Result!


6K Challenge 3rd January

It’s the end of day 3.  How’s it going?  Are you recording what you do?  Is this helpful?  If anyone is reading this, I’d love to hear from you how it’s going.

Only just managed the 6,000 today because I was looking after grandchildren.  That’s my excuse anyway.  Looking after grandchildren seems to involve lots of sitting colouring with brief forays to the kitchen to fetch and carry waterand food.  Still, I love being with them and wouldn’t swap it  for the world.  Going for run tomorrow with my running buddy, though, so lots of steps tomorrow.  Now the long break is over I hope I can get back to a proper regime.  In a fit of enthusiasm, I entered the BUPA Great Manchester 10k.  Running quite well at the moment, so I hope that I’ll be quite ready by 26th May.

Happy walking



6K Challenge 2nd January

Had quite a lazy day today for some reason and found it quite hard to manage the 6,000 steps.  I tried to follow my own advice and started walking on the spot during the adverts.  This is rubbish advice, it turns out.  I found it much easier to walk on the spot whilst watching the actual programme.  Much more interesting.  That’s the great thing about following my own advice.  I sometimes find out it is rubbish and can then change it.

So, don’t walk on the spot during the ads, do it during the programme.  You don’t have to do it for the whole length of the programme, but a couple of times an hour for a couple of minutes should do it.

It can be HARD to do 6,000 EVERY day.  Easy at the beginning when we are full of enthusiasm, but every day can seem like a chore sometimes.

I find cleaning my teeth a chore, but I still do it every day.  Same with walking.  I’m determined that it should become part of my everyday routine.

Happy walking.


1st January 2013

Happy New Year.  Ready for the Steps Challenge?  On with the pedometer and off you go.

Remember to get a notebook to take a note of the number of steps you do today.

Tips to get your steps up

  • Park as far away from the suermarket doors as possible.  It’s easy to get a parking space because nobody else wants to park there, although it may be filled now with people taking the 6K Challenge.
  • Walk to the shops/supermarket if you can
  • If you use public transport go to the next bus stop to catch the bus.  Not the nearest one.  I find it easier to do this at the beginning of a journey, rather than at the end.
  • You may feel like a bit of a twit, but when the adverts come on have a bit of a walk on the spot, or go up and down stairs
  • If you are on the phone, stand up and walk around
  • If you have a sedentary job get up and have a walk every hour or so.  If you are discouraged from leaving your desk, are you able to just stand up and walk on the spot whilst still doing your job.  I used to work in a call centre and sometimes used to move around whilst taking a call.

I’m sure you will have lots of other ideas and it would be great if you could email me with them and I’ll share them here.

Happy walking.


27th December

Just been on Radio Manchester talking about getting fitter after the Christmas blow out.  Difficult to say everything I want to say in a short space of time. It’s a bit like a job interview.  I keep remembering things I should have said.  I wanted to stress that we are all living longer and exercise keeps us well and independent for longer, but forgot.  Also wanted to mention that we lose muscle and bone unless we exercise, but forgot that too.  Good job she didn’t ask me about exercise and memory.



There is so much evidence for the benefits of walking. 6,000 steps daily should be the minimum we are aiming for, yet how many of us do this number? I’m not sure I do.

That’s why I’m starting the 6K DAILY STEPS CHALLENGE in January (although it’s never too early to start).

How it works

There are two pledges and you choose one

Pledge one

I will walk 6,000 steps every day in January or

Pledge two

I will walk every day and aim to do 6,000 by the end of January.

The 6,000 are made up of day-to-day walking plus any other exercise you may do.  You may have to make an effort to do a bit more walking – eg park away from the supermarket doors, walk to another bus stop – or even take the bus.

What you will need

All you need is a pedometer and a notebook.

If you can walk 6,000 initially, great.  If not, note the number of steps you do on your first day.  That is your baseline.  Then increase your steps by 10% every 3 days (increase more slowly if you need to).

I’ve been doing it for the last few days and it is surprising how the steps mount up.


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