Although these are designed for people over 50 they are still going to be challenging.  The person you will be competing against is yourself.  Your most severe critic, if you are like me.

As Bette Davies said “old age ain’t for sissies” so we need to enter it as fit as possible.

I am planning two separate types of group activities.

Exercise groups

These will probably be inside and will follow a circuit type format.  This has the advantage that there are up to 10 different exercises, working different areas of the body, and has a lot of variety.  No time to get bored.  Suitable for all levels of fitness and lots of fun.

Slipper Camps

The name Slipper Camps came into being by accident.   They are based on the Boot Camps that are out there at the moment, but not quite as vicious and definitely no sergeant major types shouting at you.  These are in their planning stages at the moment.  If you have some like minded friends that would like to be the pioneers, contact me and we can look at setting one up.

I think that Slipper Camps would be shorter, more intense, courses than the circuit sessions and I think I would run them 3 times a week, come rain or shine, over 6 weeks.  It will involve a certain amount of getting down and dirty.   You can decide to how many to attend per week.  More sessions equals more benefits and more fun.

You wouldn’t need to be really fit to do these, but a small levelof fitness would be required. contact me to discuss.


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