Bad news:  over the age of 35 you start to lose muscle mass if you don’t do strength exercises.

Good news:  there is no need to join a gym or spend a fortune on equipment you’ll never use.

 Slow and controlled is the order of the day.  Fast and furious and you risk injury.

I don’t have the space here to explain how to do the exercises.  Let me know if you’re not sure and I’ll post a picture.


  • warm up before doing exercise.  Try marching on the spot or go for a walk for 10 minutes.  Be fairly vigorous.
  • never stretch cold muscles.  Always stretch at the end of an exercise session.


One of the best pieces of equipment you have in your house.  Can be used for

  • sitting and standing up quickly
  • sitting and standing slowly
  • triceps dip
  • knee extension
  • hip abduction
  • hamstrings stretch
  • one leg balance
  • Most exercises for arms can be done seated in a kitchen chair if you have difficulty standing.


Anything that is fairly heavy (doesn’t need to be hugely heavy) and fits in the hand.  You shouldn’t have to struggle.

  • biceps curls
  • triceps extension
  • lateral raise
  • upright row
  • shoulder press


Use the weight of your body to help strengthen muscles.

  • side bends
  • plank
  • superman
  • crunches
  • press-ups
  • lunge

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