Fitness assessment

It is important to do a fitness assessment, not to see if you are fit enough to take part in exercise – we’ve already done that in your safety.

Everyone is different and it is important to establish your level of fitness.  We need a starting point so that we can measure your improvement.

The first thing I need to do is take your blood pressure.

I will measure your height and weight and calculate your BMI.

I will measure your waist and hips and calculate your waist to hips ratio.

I will also measure your body fat percentage.

These may sound a bit scary – I know I don’t like being weighed, and please don’t mention my body fat percentage – and if you feel uncomfortable having any of them taken we won’t do them.  However, they are a great way to measure progress.

We will then do some tests to establish your level of cardio vascular fitness, your strength and your flexibility.  We really do need to do these because without them I won’t know your present level of fitness and so won’t be able to write an effective activity programme for you.

We need to do these tests fairly regularly, say once a month, but after the first time the results will look better every time.




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