Person-centred planning puts YOU at the centre of the process.

Together we will look at what is important TO you.  It may be something specifically related to exercise, eg. ‘I want to start running’ or it may be broader than this ‘I want to stay fit into older age.’

Having decided what is important TO you, we will look at what is  important FOR you to achieve it.  We will break down what is important TO you into smaller pieces until we have some clearly defined goals.

At every stage it will be what YOU want, not what I think you should have.

My job is to find out what you want by skillful questioning and by using my expertise in guidance.

I can then produce a person-centred action plan and a bespoke activity programme.





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  • ~ Anna Browne

    "Really challenging but very good workout! I have been recommending Rosemary to all my friends."

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