Based on the work of David Hodgson (  I want to look at how you prefer to ‘be’ in a perfect world.  It’s difficult to explain without actually doing it but, for example, I prefer to work with people, I think with my heart rather than my head and I am not very good at planning.  That’s not to say I can’t be on my own, make hard decisions, or do planning (look at this website), but I would prefer not to if I didn’t have to.

Translated into activity, I’m a joiner inner.  I like exercising in groups, I rush into new things – fools rush in and all that – but I get bored quite easily.

Knowing how you prefer to be will help me understand what type of activity programme will suit you.  It is very simple and only takes a few minutes, but I think you will find it fun.

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  • ~ Anna Browne

    "Really challenging but very good workout! I have been recommending Rosemary to all my friends."

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