Brief biog

I’ll try to keep this brief (raucous laughter from friends).

I was sporty at school but then, like a lot of people, didn’t do anything remotely sporty from 14 to about 32.

In 1983 I had twins, which meant that I had 4 children under 4 (not really to be recommended) and I needed something for me.  I had watched the first London Marathon in 1981 and really enjoyed it.  However, my main thought was that anyone who wanted to run a marathon really needed their head examining.

I watched it again in 1982 and again really enjoyed it.  Then, that insidious little thought.  ‘I bet I could do that.’  And it wouldn’t go away.

I started running when the twins were 9 months old, about February 1984.  I mapped out a mile and was determined to finish it.  It nearly finished me.  How on earth did people do this?

Anyway, I discovered that running by time rather than distance was better and I persevered.  Over the years I kept up the running, some times more than others, but never completely let it go.  I got a running buddy, still have her) and we started running together.

I didn’t actually do the London Marathon until 2003 and it was really, really hard – but that’s another story.

Get on with it, I hear you sigh.  Well, about 3 years ago I was having a gym induction (like most people I used to join the gym and then never go) and I heard an older man say to the pert young girl who was doing my induction ‘it’s ok for you young things, but you don’t understand what it is like for us older people.’

That was it.  A lightbulb came on in my head and it wouldn’t go out.   My thinking was ‘I’m nearly 60, I’m relatively fit, I can relate to older people.  I could become a personal trainer, give up my job and make my fortune training older adults.’

Well, I’ve given up my job and I have retrained as a personal trainer, now if only I can get the fortune bit right…

And that’s it.  I’m now a fully qualified (qualifications) personal trainer, specialising in exercise for older people, and I really love it.   I passionately believe that keeping active is the best way to stay fit and indpendent into older age – an elixir of youth, if you want.  There’s nothing to lose except, occasionally, your dignity.  Best of all, it’s fun, but don’t take my word for it.






  • ~ Anna Browne

    "Really challenging but very good workout! I have been recommending Rosemary to all my friends."

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