You and your One Page Profile


You are an individual so I can’t really tell what type of person you will be.

That’s why I will use a Person Centred approach to my clients and the first hour will be spent talking to you, finding out about what you like, why you want to start exercising,  what works for you, what you don’t like and from this I will build up a One Page Profile.

A One Page Profile is simple and has three sections.

Section 1 sets out what people like and admire about you

Section 2 sets out what is important to you

Section 3 sets out how you can be supported to achieve what is important to you.

Your One Page Profile will be the basis on which we base your exercise programme.

For example, if you say that it is important to you to be listened to and not just pushed if you feel an exercise is too difficult, we will discuss this and will work out how you can be supported in this, whilst still doing exercises that are of benefit. This would go in the third section.

The One Page Profile is a your document and is also a working document so can be revised and changed at any time.

You can find out more about One Page Profiles at type one page profile into the search at the top.





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