6K Challenge Update

I’ve not been posting the last few days because I’ve been a bit poorly and so has the computer.  Didn’t know computers could have sympathetic illnesses.  Anyway, we both seem to be working ok now.

There was only one day that I haven’t managed the 6,000 steps and that was when my nose was streaming and my sinuses were all blocked.  I decided a duvet day was the best option.  Sometimes it’s really wise to listen to your body.  I felt much better the following day, and was nearly back to form.

Yesterday I went to meet my daughter for lunch.  Normally I use my work car park and walk – it’s about three quarters of a mile, I suppose.  Yesterday it was much too cold to walk so I decided to run.  I wondered why people were giving me a wide berth until I realised that with black jogging bottoms and a black hoodie I looked like an elderly ninja.  Maybe people thought I was going to mug them.  I suppose it’s not often you see someone ‘of a certain age’ dressed all in black with a hoodie, rushing towards you.  Quite enjoyed the effect.

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