6K Challenge 2nd January

Had quite a lazy day today for some reason and found it quite hard to manage the 6,000 steps.  I tried to follow my own advice and started walking on the spot during the adverts.  This is rubbish advice, it turns out.  I found it much easier to walk on the spot whilst watching the actual programme.  Much more interesting.  That’s the great thing about following my own advice.  I sometimes find out it is rubbish and can then change it.

So, don’t walk on the spot during the ads, do it during the programme.  You don’t have to do it for the whole length of the programme, but a couple of times an hour for a couple of minutes should do it.

It can be HARD to do 6,000 EVERY day.  Easy at the beginning when we are full of enthusiasm, but every day can seem like a chore sometimes.

I find cleaning my teeth a chore, but I still do it every day.  Same with walking.  I’m determined that it should become part of my everyday routine.

Happy walking.

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